PTA Clarifies Misconceptions Regarding “ONIC” Mobile Services Launch

Islamabad, [08/11/2023] – The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) addresses recent misconceptions circulating among the public and social media users concerning the purported launch of a new mobile services operator in Pakistan named “ONIC“. PTA categorically clarifies that no new operator has been granted a mobile cellular license to provide mobile services within Pakistan.

Pak Telecom Mobile Limited (PTML), the proud owner of the well-established “Ufone” brand, is indeed embarking on a new journey. PTML aims to introduce a fresh digital offering named “ONIC”, designed to cater to the growing needs of the digital market segment. This innovation targets users who seek seamless and efficient engagement, steering away from traditional service delivery methods, particularly tailored for the discerning high-end clientele.

PTA remains actively engaged in communication with PTML, ensuring a melodious and well-coordinated approach to the impending launch of “ONIC”. Aligned with its unwavering commitment to regulatory attachment and safeguarding consumer interests, PTA has advised PTML to carefully complete all requisite regulatory obligations.

Innovative Solutions for the Digital Landscape

The upcoming introduction of “ONIC” by PTML marks an exciting chapter in Pakistan’s digital landscape. With the steadfast aim of catering to the dynamic preferences of modern consumers, “ONIC” seeks to revolutionize the way individuals engage with mobile services. This new offering comprise convenience, efficiency, and sophistication, making it a compelling option for users who value seamless interactions and premium experiences.

Consumer-Centric Approach

PTML’s decision to launch “ONIC” reflects a deep-rooted commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its consumers. By embracing a consumer-centric approach, PTML visualize a future where mobile services transcend the ordinary, offering unparalleled levels of convenience and accessibility. The “ONIC” experience is tailored to empower users, granting them control over their interactions with the digital realm.

Regulatory Compliance: A Cornerstone of Progress

In light of the upcoming launch, PTA places supreme importance on upholding regulatory compliance. This cornerstone ensures that all operators, both established and emerging, adhere to a standardized framework that safeguards the interests of consumers and maintains the integrity of the industry. PTA’s engagement with PTML underscores the commitment to a transparent and structured launch of “ONIC”, ensuring that all regulatory requisites are fulfilled diligently.

Empowering Consumer Choice

“ONIC” signifies more than just a digital offering; it embodies a transformative shift in how consumers perceive and engage with mobile services. By introducing this innovative platform, PTML empowers users with the freedom to choose a mobile experience that resonates with their preferences and expectations. The amalgamation of convenience, efficiency, and accessibility positions “ONIC” as a pioneering force in Pakistan’s ever-evolving digital landscape.

Looking Ahead

As the anticipated launch of “ONIC” draws closer, PTA remains resolute in its commitment to promoting an environment of regulatory compliance, consumer protection, and technological advancement. The collaboration between PTA and PTML exemplifies a shared dedication to steering Pakistan’s telecommunications sector towards a future characterized by innovation, accessibility, and empowerment.

About PTA

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is the regulatory authority for telecommunications services in Pakistan. Committed to ensuring a fair and transparent telecommunications landscape, PTA plays a pivotal role in shaping the industry’s trajectory, fostering innovation, and safeguarding consumer interests.

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